The 70+ Best Longest Running Sitcoms

List of the longest-running sitcoms in US history. These funny TV series have more episodes than any others in American television. Some of the shows ran and have since gone off the air or been canceled, while others remain ongoing and are still being produced. Typically, these shows were collected into "seasons" of television, each with a pre-set amount of episodes. Sometimes, these seasons were broken up, in some cases with years or even decades between production of the series, while still being considered the run of a single TV show. (Spin-offs and other shows that were reinvented and debuted as new series are not considered.) This list contains all the longest-running shows in the history of TV comedy.

What is the longest running sitcom? Popular sitcoms making it to 7, or even 10, seasons are not particularly rare. Many popular shows - such as Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond or Friends - are able to keep the central cast together and maintain narrative momentum to hit that landmark, or at least get close. But very rarely will a situation comedy exceed the 10th season or get close to 300 episodes, at least not without major cast shake-ups that change the basic nature of the show. So what is the longest running TV show? The Kelsey Grammar series in which he plays Dr. Frasier Crane, however, seems to be the exception to the rule. Not only was Cheers, the show introducing Frasier, a consistent hit for 11 years (and 275 episodes!), but the spinoff show "Frasier" also made it to 11 seasons and had a grand total of 264 episodes. That's a lot of listening! In 2020, It's Always Sunny In Philedelphia broke the record for longest-running live-action comedy series by being renewed for its 15th season, although it has less episodes than the older sitcoms that previously held the record.

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