The Ultimate List of the Best Movies of All Time, Ranked

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Latest additions: Killers of the Flower Moon, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
Most divisive: A Clockwork Orange

What makes a truly great movie? That's a debate film buffs love to have, but some films stand out as true classics. Prepare for a cinematic adventure as we present our carefully curated and ranked list of the greatest films ever produced. This isn't just any ranking - it's brought to life by movie experts, renowned film critics, and fans just like you.

You know the movies we're talking about - the iconic films that continue to inspire new generations of viewers and filmmakers decades after their release. We're talking about groundbreaking movies that wowed critics and audiences, films so good people are still talking about them many years later - think Oscar winners, Cannes Film Festival favorites, and more.

To create our ranking of the greatest movies of all time, we considered factors like critical acclaim from respected sources, cultural impact measured by global box office returns and viewer polls, cinematic innovation recognized by industry professionals, and standing the test of time. Whether it's CasablancaCitizen KaneThe Godfather, or newer instant classics like The Matrix, these are the movies that define cinema. We then let everyone vote to determine which movies truly deserve to be called 'the best'.

Film appreciation is personal - what touches one person may not resonate with another. So if your favorite movie isn't on this list, don't worry! You can add it by clicking "rerank" below to create your own list. Or simply vote for the movies you think deserve the title of “greatest film ever.”Whether you're new to the world of cinema or a seasoned movie buff looking for a challenge, this list is for you. Let it inspire you to explore deeper into the captivating world of film. Who knows? Your new favorite movie might be waiting right here. So grab some popcorn - it's time to dive in!

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