The Best TV Shows That Never Got a Real Finale

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Shows that were abruptly canceled and taken off the air before writers could wrap up the series
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List of the best TV shows that never got a real finale, ranked by how much fans miss them. The greatest cancelled television shows of all time still live on in places like Netflix and Hulu, but there are few solutions for fixing their unsatisfactory finales - other than bringing the show back Arrested Development-style, or making a movie like Veronica Mars or Firefly. Too many great television series were taken from us by evil network and cable executives. This is a list of great TV shows that were canceled and yanked off the air before their writers had a chance to give the characters (and plotlines) a proper goodbye.

Some of you might be thinking, "Hey, The Sopranos, Seinfeld,  and Lost didn't get real finales if you ask me." Well, although the finales weren't very satisfying, they were the finales that the writers always had planned for years down the line. This list is TV shows that ended without closure. For the victims on this list of canceled TV shows, fans were robbed of what could have been awesome season five finales. Some of the shows, like Enlightened and Flight of the Conchords, ended due to creative differences rather than HBO laying down the law. However, a show like Strangers With Candy was victim to Comedy Central's wrath far too soon.

This list of TV shows cancelled without ending includes the best shows canceled after one season as well as many other shows cancelled too soon. Vote up the shows that deserved to wrap up their storylines instead of abrubtly ending.

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