The 35 Best Blended Family TV Shows

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TV series that include step-parents, step-children, foster kids, and other alternative families
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List of the best television shows that feature blended families. The theme of many of the top television shows through the generations is that family is not just the group you’re born into. Today, many TV shows feature characters who consider their friends and coworkers to be their family,while others show a tight bond with their makeshift families. No matter what the genre or content of the show, most shows heavily feature the idea of family. However it’s much rarer for a show to feature a blended family, which is essentially two or more familial groups that come together to form one big family. The infrequent television trope began with The Brady Bunch, a family of six step brothers and sisters who viewed the world in their own, naïve way.

Throughout the years on television the idea of the blended family has popped up in new and interesting ways. Often these shows feature step parents getting to know their new children, such as Step by Step, while others feature adopted children, like Diff’rent Strokes and Webster. Families like the one in Full House began with friendships who became actual family,while others like Modern Family include step-families and adopted families.

What shows best showcase blended families? The shows on this list are known to have people who may not have started off life as family, but became close through blended circumstances. When you're done, be sure to check out our list of the best movies about adoption.

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