The 50+ Best Sitcoms With Single Women, Ranked

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The best sitcoms about single women are the shining jewels in television comedy, letting awesome actors shine as leading ladies. This list of comedies about single women is ranked from the best to the worst, based on votes from the Ranker community. What are the absolute best TV shows about women doing it on their own?

Following '70s sitcoms about single ladies like Laverne & Shirley, there were two distinct booms of single-woman sitcoms that happened decades apart. The first took place in the summer of 1996 thanks to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clueless, Townies, and other awesome shows. Nearly two decades later, mass audiences are watching the trials, tribulations, and hilarious dating misadventures of single girls and their friends on shows like New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, and The Mindy Project. If you are tired of watching shows about bachelors looking for love or lust, check out the bachelorettes on the TV shows listed below. These are strong female leads - meaning both the characters and the performances are top-notch - and, back in the day, revolutionized the feminist movement. But history aside, these hilarious sitcoms about single women on the prowl, or trying to avoid the prowl, will entertain men and women alike.

The greatest television sitcoms starring freedom-loving females in the lead are all ranked here, based on your votes. So, what are television's best single lady series? Vote up the shows you think are the best and see where your favorites rank.

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