The 80+ Best TV Shows About Parents, Ranked

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Which TV shows about parenting do you think are best? While there are countless manuals, books, and detailed guides people can pick up to help them learn proper parenting techniques, some of us just turn on the TV. Television series about parenting have been around since stations first started broadcasting programs and that's simply due to the fact that they're both relatable and highly entertaining. Plus, people who watch television tend to be (or will become) a parent at one time in their lives. And while these shows aren't necessarily guides to parenting, watching how best to do it and what not to do has certainly helped more than a few families evolve over the years.

Finding the best parenting shows to watch is all about what kind of person you are and how you raise your family. Watching a show like Fox's Married... With Children might be a better indicator on how not to raise kids, while more recent shows like Modern Family focus on more positive aspects of child-rearing. Then you have some TV parents who shouldn't have kids, but we can just be glad it's not real life. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of good parenting series to choose from and this list compiles the best of them all. 

Featuring some of the best TV moms to date, as well as TV dads we'd love to have, check out the recommendations below, vote up the best shows about parenting and see where your favorites rank.

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