The Best TV Shows To Rewatch

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This list of the best TV shows to rewatch is ranked by television fans and critics. When the weekend comes around and you can’t bring yourself to get out of your PJs and go out into the sun, it can be nice to have a lazy few days doing nothing but having a marathon of your past favorite shows. Hundreds of shows throughout the decades are considered perfect rewatching material by the biggest television fans. No matter what sort of genre you feel like, there’s a series out there for you. All of the series on this list are completely available on DVD, while most of them can be found instantly on online services like Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

If you’re interested in having a laugh, sitcoms like 30 Rock, The Office, and Parks and Recreation are often good choices. Experiencing sci-fi favorites like Lost and Battlestar Galactica as if they were new again can be extremely entertaining. Fans of classic series may love spending the weekend with Star Trek, The Munsters, and The Wonder Years.

What are the best television series to rewatch? Depending on your genre preference, there are plenty of shows to remember your favorite storylines, discover things you missed the first time, and catch up before anew season begins. Vote up the shows worth rewatching and see where your favorite rewatchable shows rank.

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