The Best R&B Songs Of The '80s, Ranked

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Here are the greatest '80s R&B songs, ranked by fans everywhere. The 1980s were a transformative decade for R&B. The genre of rhythm and blues used to be its own genre, but in the '80s, it began to incorporate elements of hip hop into the music. The genre gradually became more homogenized, and a select group of high-profile R&B artists dominated the charts. This was all thanks to producer L.A. Reid, who produced some of the biggest hits of the era. From George Michael to Janet Jackson, many prominent artists rose to superstardom during this time. On this list of 80's R&B hits, you'll have the chance to slow dance to some of the smoothest jams ever made.

Which track do you think deserves the top spot? The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, made numerous R&B dance hits you will be able to choose from. Marvin Gaye was also a major artist of the time, and plenty of people still turn on his music when they are in the mood for romance. There are no wrong answers. Every song on this list is a hit in its own right. You can help determine what the most popular R&B songs of the '80s are. 

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