Who Is The Coolest Actor In The World Right Now?

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Whether you like the way they dress, their personality, or their approach to fans, who do you think are the coolest current actors?
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Of all Hollywood's popular actors today, who do you think is the coolest actor out right now? While it may be a bit subjective, and highly opinion based, most of us can agree on who's cool and who's not. Considering "coolness factors" like clothing style, a relaxed demeanor, friendliness, and so on, it's up to you to decide just who is the coolest actor in the world right now. While many of these happening stars can be found among the top current actors, they don't necessarily have to be the best out. No, these are simply cool, calm, and collected Hollywood celebs.

Of course, any list containing cool people from film and TV is going to include Samuel L. Jackson—a man who absolutely exudes coolness. Similarly, you have Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford—but all these guys have long careers to support their acclaimed coolness. We also have to consider the younger stars like Donald Glover, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Ryan Reynolds, not to mention the cool actresses running Hollywood right now, including Gina Rodriguez, Issa Rae, Viola Davis, and the incredible Meryl Streep. Whether they're supporting the right causes, leading fashion and style, or are all-around great people, these are the coolest actors currently working in Hollywood. 

Who makes your list of cool actors today? Check out the popular actors below and cast your votes for who you think takes the title of coolest actor in the world right now. 

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