The Most Annoying Photos Of Rich Kids On Snapchat

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Private Jets. Cases of Dom. Designer Duds. Yachts and mansions. Rich kids really are different from you and me, and they LOVE to brag about it on social media. We've all seen their exploits on Instagram. Their latest outlet? Snapchat. This collection of annoying rich kid photos will make you red in the face and green with jealousy. (As green as the contents of their wallets? Probably not.)

See the 1% drive luxury cars we can only dream of; watch them vacation in places we’ll likely never see. We hope most of these images are tongue-in-cheek commentary on the current state of things, but if they’re not, the Rich Kids Of Snapchat could use a little lesson in humility.

Are the Rich Kids Of Snapchat obvious trolls or the real deal? Scroll through the list and judge for yourself.