The Absolute Best '80s Dance Moves (in GIF Form)

Moonwalk your way through this list of the best '80s dance moves - you know you want to. This GIF collection of popular dance steps from the eighties will take you back to an era when wearing shoulder pads and acid wash jeans were totally cool. The decade also saw the rise of MTV because, believe it or not, the channel actually played music videos back in the day! Popular 1980s artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and the Bangles released videos featuring moves that millions of fans all over the world attempted on the dance floor. Even though the majority of us failed, it was still fun to shake, shimmy, and slide to the beat. It's no surprise that several '80s dances on the list below remain popular to this day.

The 1980s brought memorable dance steps such as the Running Man, the Roger Rabbit, and the Cabbage Patch. These silly names were tame compared to what people actually looked like when they were doing the steps. Pantomime moves also became increasingly popular at dance clubs and parties, so it was completely acceptable and hilariously entertaining to watch children of all ages dancing the Sprinkler or the Lawnmower. The most iconic of these, however, came from the brilliant mind of the King of Pop, who glided across the stage with his Moonwalk.

Hollywood also helped bring various styles of dance into the mainstream in the eighties with films like Footloose and Flashdance. No one can forget the dance sequences in these movies, especially the famous lift in Dirty Dancing. Even street-inspired moves turned the breakdancing craze into a worldwide phenomenon, thanks to the 1984 movie Breakin' and its sequel Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

What are your favorite 80's dance moves? Vote up for the hilarious GIFs below that you think should totally go to the top of the list and down vote any dances you think aren't so bitchin'. Take a trip down memory lane and check out these other awesome Ranker lists, including the greatest 80s teen stars and the most successful charity singles ever.

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    The Moonwalk


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    The Thriller Dance


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    The Running Man


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    The Electric Slide


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    Everybody Footloose


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