The Best Shows to Marathon on a Plane

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So, you've got a long plane ride, or multiple plane rides. Or maybe you're not on a plane at all, and you're taking an Amtrak across the country. No matter the transportation method, you've got a lot of downtime while you're in transit. And since we're living in the golden age of television, there are plenty of great series out there that you probably haven't watched yet! So when you ask yourself, "What should I watch on a plane?", this list has all the answers you could ever need! These are the best shows to watch on an airplane. 

This list is full of series that are high quality, great for binge watching, and, most importantly, TV shows you can watch in public. Obviously, the graphic violence of The Walking Dead or the frequent sexposition of Game of Thrones wouldn't fly here, but you've probably seen those shows, anyway. Also, the last thing you want to do is become an emotional wreck, so shows make you cry should be left off the list as well. Even with these stipulations, there is still an incredible number of shows that you can watch on airplane. Imagine it! Catching up on television while sitting in a chair in the sky! What a world! 

So when you're looking for television for when you're on a plane, this list will take care of it. Whether you're flying cross country or international, these shows are sure to make the time fly. Which shows have you binge watched on a plane? Add them here if they aren't already listed.
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