29 Things Rich People Can Buy That Poor People Don't Even Know Exist

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Being rich means you have a lot of money. Sure - we get it. But, what does being rich practically mean in your day-to-day? r/MuadDib- asked the question "What do the rich buy that the poor don't even know is available for purchase?", and the Internet did not disappoint. Vote up the most interesting rich things you read down below!

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    Prepare Your Living Spaces During Travel

    From Redditor /u/Mazon_Del

    A while back some guy on here was talking about his experience working as a sort of personnel manager for a billionaire and how things are just wildly different for them.

    The specific example he used was how things work when these people want to go on a trip, and give any notice at all to their employees.

    What happens is that an advanced team gets sent ahead by a few days to scope out the rented/bought location and report back exact dimensions for closet space, drawer space, etc. People back at the home go through the clothing, jewelry, etc, and draw up a priority list which is sent to the advanced team. The advanced team then spends the next two days purchasing the list of items. Entire wardrobes, jewelry sets, makeup kits, bathing supplies, etc. Anything they cannot get (not enough time, or is one-of-a-kind like the family heirloom watch the rich dude wears every now and then) is relayed to the house-team. The family's schedule is arranged such that the moment the family leaves the house on the day of travel, a whole team of people rushes through and packs up all the remaining items (only after the family leaves, you wouldn't want to deny them access to their items for even a few seconds) which are then sent ahead to the airport while the family has a lunch or something somewhere. Upon landing, their luggage takes one route (direct) and the family takes a similarly indirect route (unless otherwise directed) such that by the time they get to the location all of their items are not just unpacked but in their proper organized locations and ready for use without any of the advanced team ever being visible to the family.

    What happens when the family leaves the location? The same situation in reverse, but quite frequently all of the repurchased items are just disposed of in some method. It's just easier, if not cheaper, to rebuy them each time the family goes somewhere if they aren't travelling to too many different locations in quick succession.

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    Buying Entire Floors

    From Redditor /u/durgadas

    Entire floors of hotels or multiple floors. Entire restaurants. Chefs from literally any restaurant in the world to cook for them, wherever they are.

    I saw all of those things done by a Prince Of Saudi Arabia: We estimated it cost him $50,000 just for the one private meal in our restaurant, given that he:

    Had the top four floors of our hotel booked (for the hundreds of staff to take care of him, his wife and his two kids; plus likely some concubines, if I'm being honest). As someone in this part of the world, being rich= the number of people who work for you.

    He paid $30k just to close our restaurant for one meal.

    Flew his favorite chef from New York to Orlando to cook for him, on his private jet; and then back again. Of course, it was likely the OTHER private jet he had just for his staff, not for himself or his family.

    Make food our entire staff, all the kitchen staff, all the federal, state and local security and him, his wife and his two kids.

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    Luxury Ice

    From Redditor /u/eternalrefuge86

    Luxury ice cubes.

    Gläce Luxury Ice Co produces perfectly square ice blocks for “minimum dilution and maximum cooling”.

    Hand-carved and completely clear, these cubes are sold in bags of 50 and each bag costs $325.

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    Renting Celebrities

    From Redditor /u/Wwwweeeeeeee

    You can rent celebrities for your private events. Not just musicians, but bona fide actors & actresses.

    Super rich guy in Bel Air used to host his kid's birthday party in late October, so they went all out for a Halloween themed party.

    Everyone at the kid's school was invited, plus their own friends.

    Each year they'd hire some fantastic athlete to appear at the event; 1 year it was Tony Hawk, another year it was some Olympic gold medal gymnastic winners.

    The one that threw me was when they hired Demi Moore, Anthony Kedis & Benecio de Toro to be "guests" at the party, to hang out and pretend they were friends with the kid.

    Mind you this was a KID'S Halloween party, set outside in a huge, massive garden, spread out over tennis courts & lawns, with games, buffets, dessert tables, taco stands, omelette stands, bbq, pizza, burgers, etc... no booze, no one allowed inside. All the event staff were dressed in halloween costumes, it was VERY cool.

    But it was sad to see Kedis & de Toro sitting together commiserating.... you could see the 'f*ck, the things we do for a paycheck' look on their faces. They were at a KID'S party ffs.

    Demi was very nice, she brought her little doggies.

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    Landing Your Own Airplane In Small Airports

    From Redditor /u/A_Crinn

    Landing 747s in small airports.

    I grew up around Lexington, KY. The region is huge on horses, particularly Thoroughbred horses. The entire city is surrounded by horse farms, and these farms breed some of the best racing horses in the world. The rich and famous will often come here to buy Thoroughbreds to add to their breeding stock.

    One such person is a shiek from Dubai (i think?) who owns his own private 747. Now the local airport isn't rated for 747s, and it's not legal to land one there unless it's a emergency. The shiek doesn't care though and lands his 747 there anyways. The airport fines him every time he does this, which he is totally fine with paying. I've been told that many of the upgrades to the airport over the years where almost entirely funded with money from those fines.

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    Centurion Card

    From Redditor /u/Jackpot777

    You think your Platinum Card is cutting it? Please! Centurion is the way to go. It'll cost ten grand just to get one (initial fee to join and the first annual fee), but you get EVERYTHING. The Crystal Method are playing a local venue and you want to go backstage and shoot the sh*t with Scott Kirkland because you're interested in donating to his favorite causes (because you've always admired the guy, his political opinions, and his music)? That can be arranged. Want a table at schwa in Chicago, e in Vegas, Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau, or Aragawa in Tokyo? They'll get you in tomorrow. Need a full itinerary planned for a week in Paris? Need that new iPhone on day one but don't want to stand in line? Want to stay at the most luxurious place in Ibiza for the days Pete Tong is at the Blue Marlin? They do this in their sleep. It's a butler and concierge and local expert and best friend that knows a guy you'll ever meet. All just a call away.

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