Celebrities Hollywood Forced on Us

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Vote up the celebrities who are somehow famous and seemingly everywhere, even though no one you know actually likes them. No athletes and no career politicians.
Latest additions: Tiffany Haddish, Bill Maher, Wendy Williams
Most divisive: Kevin Hart

What is it with Hollywood trying its hardest to shove certain actors down everyone's throats? Now, more than ever, there are so many inexplicably famous people that it’s actually getting depressing. It’s always a drag when celebrities no one likes start popping up in every movie at the Cineplex and concerts across the world. This list is full of the most annoying celebrities who just won't go away.

Some people find Chrissy Teigen annoying, likely because of all of her Twitter feuds. Taylor Swift and Anne Hathaway are often described as annoying or obnoxious celebrities, although that could just come from jealousy. This list features annoying female celebrities like Bella Thorne, as well as most obnoxious actors, such as Alec Baldwin. Some of the celebrities on this list are actors Hollywood forced on us, while others are musicians whose names you keep hearing, but whose music you’ve never heard. 

From singers like Ariana Grande to reality stars like Kim Kardashian, this list is a full court press of people who Hollywood did their best to make them famous. These are the people you think of when you say you are sick of celebrities. Vote up who you believe to be the most annoying celebs, and feel free to add any we are missing!

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