A Game of Mixed up Movies

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A stand alone set of 80 unique cards with instructions in how to play. No movies is used for more than one card in any base set.

Product Summary

 80 unique cards, numbered 1-80

 Over 160 movies involved

 Custom art

 Compatible with all other Movie Mashup products.

 Card number on the bottom of each card is used to generate themed Movie Mashup parties.

Currently only available on Kickstarter

Minimum Kickstarter Pledge: $20

Test your knowledge of movies in this movie trivia game. The clues cover movies from multiple genres most of which are known my casual movie-goers.


Each set of cards contains 80 cards which mashup more than 160 movies, none of which are repeated in any base set.


Each series of cards is compatible with all other series.


Note: This product is not available for purchase at present. There is a Kickstarter project being launched to get this published.

SKU/Item Number: 712392121057

Card 1 from series 1 (Free Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)