People Share The Worst Cases of 'Rich Kid Syndrome' They've Ever Witnessed

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Money can be a sticky topic - no one has enough and everybody wants more. But what about the people who actually have tons of money? Sometimes this affluence can be jarring or even infuritating. Being around someone with a fundamentally different understanding of the dollar can be difficult. These Reddit users describe the times "Rich Kid Syndrome" made their jaws drop.

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    Instead Of Charging Her Electronics, She Asked Her Parents To Buy New Ones

    From Redditor /u/blcktsdy:

    I dated a girl in high school who lived in a three-story mansion with a perimeter wall, underground gym, and movie theater. Her backyard area with a pool and guest house was larger than my parent’s house’s entire property. One time, she and I were hanging out in her room, and she was showing me some things in her desk. I noticed there was a drawer she hadn’t opened, and I asked her what was in there.

    She pulled it open to show me what she called her “electronics drawer.” I spent a few minutes going through and noticed it was filled with about $2,000 of digital video cameras, iPods, etc. I asked her why she didn’t use any of them, and she said they were “broken." I plugged in a couple of them to check it out, and 90% of the items only needed to be charged in order to work. She wasn’t using thousands of dollars worth of electronics because she was too lazy to charge them, and her parents just kept buying her new ones...

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    She Was Extremely Picky About Lobby Decor

    From Redditor /u/Wildcar_d:

    My husband is like number two in his company (about 900 employees). Boss’s nine-year-old daughter has been groomed to be a golfer. So much so, that she no longer goes to school; she travels worldwide to competitions with a nanny and a tutor. Anyways, for some reason my husband is the only one entrusted to book her travel. (Not remotely close to his actual job, but the boss signs the checks lol.)

    On more than one occasion, she has called my husband at the last minute to change her flight (plus mom, nanny, and tutor) because she is craving a particular restaurant that is at a different airport than where she is scheduled to fly into. Or the time she called him to switch hotels because she didn’t like the decor IN THE LOBBY. (It was like a Four Seasons or some other high-end hotel). Her dad doesn’t blink at the expense. Again, nine-year-old girl, and some of this happened more than a year ago.

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    They Bought Cars For $100k And Resold Them For $100

    From Redditor /u/InvalidKoalas:

    So I found out recently there is a really strange luxury/super car trading circle at my university between Chinese students.

    Basically, they will come over for school, buy a really nice car (think Ferrari, Audi R8, Mercedes C63, etc...) for some $100k+. They will drive said cars for a few years, some of them even buy more than one or two. Then, they will "sell" them to their friends for, get this, the price of a title transfer before going back to China. They will literally sell a $100k car for $100. One hundred dollars. I need to get in this circle somehow...

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    She Threw Away A Diamond Earring

    From Redditor /u/Renugar:

    A friend of my younger brother had large diamond earrings her parents gave her for graduation. She wore them on a trip we all took together. One of them fell out and down the drain while she was taking a shower, so she threw the other one away in the hotel trashcan.

    When she told us what happened when we were in the car later, we all gasped and asked her if she didn’t want to get a plumber to come try to find one diamond, why didn’t she at least keep the other? She looked at us with disgust and said: “Um, what am I supposed to do wear just the one earring? Why would I keep it?!”

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    His Dad Bought Him A Company

    From Redditor /u/Bizzyguy:

    I used to work in a manufacturing company where the CEO/owner decided to retire and sell the business. A few weeks later, an early 20s guy shows up and makes the managers tell everyone that he’s the new owner. Turned out his dad bought the business for him.

    Since the company was coasting on the previous owner's success, the problems didn’t start to arise until a year later. In the meantime the only “work” he did was buying a pool table and a gym set for the break room and a large TV for his office. When it came time to renew some clients' contracts, he lost nearly 40% of them by charging some almost double, since he believed they were “ripping us off.” Along with other terrible decisions, the company was on the brink of failure until his dad stepped in and hired a VP to run the company. We also heard a screaming match between him and his dad once, that was frightening.

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    His Face Was On A Stamp

    From Redditor /u/gentlefury:

    When I was in boarding school, one of my co-boarders handed me some mail saying "do you notice anything special about this envelope?" When I checked it out, I realised his face was on the stamp... He was royalty...

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