The Most Immature Adult Celebs

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Vote up the adult celebrities (18 or older) who exhibit childish behavior and need to grow up.
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When it comes to celebrities who don't act their age, Hollywood pretty much has an endless supply. Not that acting like a kid is always a bad thing. Sometimes celebrities who are immature can be hilarious, entertaining us with their antics in movies or TV shows. (What kind of world would this be without Will Ferrell acting like a jealous step-brother, adorable elf, or self-obsessed anchorman?) But other times, immature celebrities can be super annoying.  Their constant attempts to prove just how "shocking" or "edgy" the are leads to ridiculously bad behavior that the whole world has to put up with.

So which famous immature people are the most childish of them all? This list will help us finally figure it out. Less than impressed with Miley's many Instagram photos of her new sex toys? Totally over naked selfies from Kim Kardashian-West? Literally can't stand anything Justin Bieber does? You're not alone! Make sure the worst offenders are at the top of this immature celebrity list! 

Vote up the celebrities who act immature on the most consistent basis. Here's hoping they finally grow up. (But don't hold your breath.)

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