The Greatest Entertainers Of All Time

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When it comes to the greatest entertainers of all time, we're truly blessed to live in an age where technology allows us access to so many of these greats. Here you'll find a list of famous live entertainers who put on some of the best shows in recent history. Among them you'll find perhaps the most entertaining people on the planet, from singers to comedians.

Of course, many of the greatest entertainers to date were singers or musicians, such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince. However, you also have to consider top comedians and TV personalities, such as Jerry Seinfeld and Johnny Carson, respectively. 

For example, many people would consider Robin Williams to be one of the best performers of all time. He was a legendary comedian, and star of films such as Mrs. DoubtfireHookGood Will Hunting, and Dead Poets Society. Others might consider an Oscar-winning actor like Tom Hanks to be the best entertainer in the world. But you can still make your opinion known. 

Join the conversation about which were the best entertainers ever by voting for your favorites. Whether you were lucky enough to actually see one of their shows in person or have just enjoyed their talents through recordings, which of these greatest performers of all time do you think rank among the greatest entertainers ever to set foot on a stage?

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