The Most Iconic Celebrity First Names

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What's in a name? For some famous folks, naming is everything. Here's a list of celebrities, actors, musicians, sports stars, and politicians who have one-of-a-kind real first names and a few with iconic nicknames. In fact, these stars' names are so unique that you can't even really steal them for your own kids. Like, what, "This is my daughter, Madonna"? "Did you eat the last cookie, RuPaul"? No, if you give a child any of these iconic names, you are basically just naming him or her after a celebrity. Sorry, but there can be only one Beyoncé. 

What are the most unique celebrity names? Many listed are mononymous people who are known just by a single name, like Shakira, Kesha, and Prince. Others have well-known surnames, even if they don't need them, like Charlize Theron and Kanye West. Many of the names on this list are popular in other cultures or on other continents, but are not common in North America. Other names may be used by more than one famous person or even fictional character, but everyone knows who the true Elvis is (i.e. not Elvis Costello, whose real name is Declan anyway) and the true Cher (i.e. not Cher from Clueless). 

Anyway, these famous people names are the ones for whom you don't need clarification. You are never like, "Wait, which Tupac?" Vote up the ones that are so unique that you hope to never find out that a person you know has give their baby the same name. 

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