The Most Watchable Cooking Competition Shows
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The Most Watchable Cooking Competition Shows

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The best cooking competition shows, hosted by some of television's most entertaining celebrity chefs, have become one of the must-watch genres on television. Some of the best shows on television right now take place in a kitchen, and the best cooking shows on TV are the reason. These shows all focus more on cooking than baking - but you can check out the best bake-heavy shows like GBBO and Nailed it! on The Most Watchable Baking Competitions or stick with sweets at Delicious Dessert Competitions.

While the cooking show has been around almost since the advent of TV (Julia Child was a thing long before Meryl Streep played her), in recent years we have seen the rise of the cooking competition show. Whether you tune in to Top Chef on Bravo or Netflix to see elite chefs battle for the title of best chef, or Masterchef which features home cooks battling it out to see if they have the chops to compete with the pros, reality cooking competition shows have become must-watch entertainment for the culinarily curious. Adding to the mix are timed challenge cooking competition reality shows like Chopped that put cooks in the kitchen but under extreme pressure to produce great food or go home. Shows like Worst Cooks In America aim to teach basic skills to hapless novices, only aiming to create the Best of the Worst. There are even cooking shows that focus on specific types of preparing food, like barbecue competitions

Which reality cooking competitions are the best? What is the most entertaining cooking competition show? Who are the best hosts of reality cooking competition shows? Vote up the cooking competition shows you think are the best and see where your favorite competitive cooking shows rank. No matter what type of cooking contest you like, from barbeque to haute cuisine, there is definitely something out there for you.

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