The Best Folk Artists Of 2023



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Looking to update your latest playlists with the best folk artists of 2023? Then we've got you covered. From Grammy Award-winning British folk rock band Mumford & Sons to legendary singer-songwriters Alison Krauss and Father John Misty, this year's talented roster of folk musicians features both vocalists and instrumentalists across Americana, country, rock, bluegrass, progressive folk, indie, pop, alternative, punk, neofolk, and freakfolk music. Indie folk trailblazing group The Lumineers recently released their fourth studio album BRIGHTSIDE, and indie staples Band of Horses released Things Are Great right after a lineup change.

Which trending folk musicians are you most excited to see live, and whose records are you currently listening to? Vote below for the best folk artists of 2023, and be sure to also check out their latest music releases.

  • Caamp
    26 votes

    Emerging from the heartland of Ohio, CAAMP has carved a distinct soundscape within the indie folk scene. Composed of Evan Westfall, Taylor Meier, and Matt Vinson, the trio's most recent release, Lavender Days in 2022, further exemplifies their touching lyricism matched with an earthy, rustic sound. Standout songs such as "Apple Tree Blues" and "Lavender Girl" showcase the band's ability to capture raw emotion and resonate with listeners, ensuring their steadily rising status in the folk music world.

  • Jason Isbell
    34 votes

    Renowned singer-songwriter Jason Isbell, famous for his solo career and work with band The 400 Unit, has been a force to reckon with in the music industry since 1995. With a captivating voice and deft skills in guitar and piano, the Grammy-winning artist has released impactful albums, with the latest offering being Weathervanes in 2023. Isbell's notable works also include his stint with Drive-By Truckers from 2001 to 2007, further testifying to his versatile contributions to folk and country music.

  • The Lumineers

    Hailing from Denver, Colorado, The Lumineers have crafted a remarkable niche for themselves within the indie folk rock scene. The founding team of Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites recently released their fourth studio album Brightside in 2022, earning widespread acclaim. With their emotionally charged lyrics and distinctive Americana sound, The Lumineers continue to enthral listeners, thereby cementing their position as a leading force in the world of alternative folk music.

  • Dean Lewis
    14 votes

    Renowned for his poignant lyricism and emotive soundscapes, Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis has cemented his status as a fixture of the global pop scene. Following his breakthrough hit "Waves" in 2016 and chart-topping single "Be Alright" in 2018, Lewis has continued his upward trajectory with tracks such as "How Do I Say Goodbye" and "In A Perfect World," both featured on his 2022 album The Hardest Love. Lewis' heartfelt narratives, coupled with his touching delivery, ensure his music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

  • Bon Iver
    38 votes

    Acclaimed for masterfully blending haunting melodies with raw emotion, American indie folk band Bon Iver, led by singer-songwriter Justin Vernon, remains a critical darling in the music scene. Capturing global attention with their distinct alternative sound, Bon Iver is building anticipation for their new album set to release in 2023. With an incredibly successful discography including hits like "Skinny Love" and "Holocene", Bon Iver continues to weave a powerful tapestry of indie folk music that resonates with fans and attracts an ever-growing audience.

  • Juxtaposing the genres of soul, gospel, folk rock, and blues, the multitalented Nathaniel Rateliff has left an indelible imprint on the Denver music scene. Famed for his 2021 album The Future, Rateliff continues to push the boundaries of Americana music with his dedication and innovative instincts. Artistically progressive and profoundly poignant in his creations, Rateliff's work consistently allures fans across the globe, proving his abilities as an evergreen source of inspiration in the realm of music.